Streets for People - A Radnor Coalition
How can one person make a difference? Easily!
  • Put an "I Drive at PEOPLE Speeds" bumper sticker on your car, and lead by example.
  • Drive on traffic arteries built for through traffic, not on residential side streets. In reality, Lancaster Avenue is no slower than these so-called shortcuts, particularly when you're obeying posted speed limits.
  • Walk - or bike, roller-blade, razor -  whenever you can. You'll save gas money! Burn calories! Shed inches! Meet neighbors! Given the town's parking crunch, you'll probably make better time, too.
  • When you're out and about on foot, make eye contact with drivers. Every pedestrian and cyclist proves that motorists need to share, not dominate, these spaces.
  • Wave and smile at speeders. They'll be so confused they'll probably slow down. Your friendly gesture reminds motorists that this is a residential community full of families' or at least warns them to stay off that crackpot's street next time.
  • When possible, encourage your kids to walk or bike safely instead of using your chauffeur services.
  • Support the township's efforts to improve intersections and sidewalks, expand the Radnor trail, increase open space, and generally promote measures for people as well as cars.

Petition your commissioner for further improvements.

Our new bumper sticker
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