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Streets for People. The brochure that inspired the formation of SPARC.

Less A brilliant, counter-intuitive approach to traffic calming that might be just the ticket for Radnor.

Traffic-calming techniques and principles.

More traffic-calming techniques - with examples from American towns and cities.

Gravel roads as traffic-calming measure!

West Palm Beach, Florida a mecca of smart design

West Palm Beach, a more personal view

Walkable Communities, Inc., including how-to kits and charette directions for towns

Very cool link to cycling, walking, walking to school . . .

Traffic calming in the U.K.

Living Streets, a similar organization based in the UK

Hans Monderman, the Dutch traffic engineer at the center of a design revolution
- An article on him in Wired magazine
- His work in Friesland, the Netherlands
- traffic calming in London using Monderman's ideas
- a well-known British disciple

Curb Extensions Explained

Traffic-Calming Measures around public schools


PennDOT's own traffic-calming handbook; an 8.5 MB download.


Radnor Township

Philadelphia Bike Club:

Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia:

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