Streets for People - A Radnor Coalition
Our Bumper Sticker
I Drive at PEOPLE Speeds bumper stickers have been funded in part by the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners. Please let your commissioner know that you, too, support people speeds.

Our bumper sticker a personal pledge to neighborhood safety.

"I Drive at People Speeds" bumper stickers are available at the Radnor Township building just off Radnor-Chester Road, and the Radnor Memorial Library.

Some time ago, several residents were talking about ideas to promote our vision in the community. We discussed how driving slower is really a personal statement. When thinking about this, someone mentioned bumper stickers. They are a great way to make a statement. In our case, the added benefit is that people will be able to really drive home the message, with an explanation of their slow speed right on the back of their cars. It is a great example of focused marketing, with a target audience very close indeed!

After we agreed on the medium, we settled on a message that we hope will not anger, upset or annoy drivers. Most of us who yell "Slow down" to speeding cars have experienced retaliatory aggressive behavior such as hand gestures. Such angry responses would defeat the purpose of what we want to achieve: a safer place for ALL of us.

In initially composing our bumper sticker, we were tempted to use posted speed limits or to use a certain mph number. We've used this approach before (and others have), but we now realize that a safe speed is not the one that is posted (or even the speed that we expect the police to enforce), but a speed that a driver chooses as a result of his/her concern for pedestrians, bikes, etc. Modern research into traffic engineering shows that signs and radar guns don't work as well as people's attitudes. Our survey at the Radnor Fall Festival confirmed what we had heard many times before: PEOPLE are concerned about SPEEDS. In hindsight, our bumper sticker message "I Drive at People Speeds" was a no-brainer.

Rather than telling people (with signs) or forcing them (by the Police) to drive at a safe speed, we all can create an environment that makes safe driving inevitable. We believe that a simple bumper sticker is a good start to make Radnor a secure place to live. We hope that many will join us in this optimism and demonstrate by their actions what they believe is the proper, safe speed for everyone on our streets.