Streets for People - A Radnor Coalition

Streets for People - A Radnor Coalition (SPARC) is a grassroots organization seeking to slow and calm automobiles, promote healthy alternatives to driving, and educating individuals on their role in our traffic predicament. We support immediate action, including empowering residents and redesigning residential and arterial streets, and a long-term master plan that will make a permanent difference in Radnor.

If you'd like to be more involved in any of these efforts, please join us. We send out periodic emails detailing initiatives we're supporting, various township meetings that require positive citizen input, and other pro-people news. Many communities all over the country are moving away from a vehicle-dominated model of community development. Join us, and move at people speeds.

Hans Monderman, world renowned pioneer in Shared Space for urban design, dies. Hans visited us in 2005 and was a great inspiration to us. Click here for our In Memoriam

Amazing traffic-calming ideas from West Pal Beach, Florida - could these applied here? Click Here for more information

How can one person make a difference? Easily!

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